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The Satyr's Sin

The Satyr's Sin

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In a world where a segment of humanity carries the blood of higher races, many are drawn to an art school on an island off the coast of Washington, where they explore their latent powers through different artistic mediums.

Nemea Jones is one such student, desperate to uncover the mysteries hidden in her bloodline. When she discovers that summoning a god could reveal the truth, she crafts a magical dildo as part of a daring ritual.

But Nemea's quest for self-discovery sets off a chain reaction, awakening forces beyond her control. With her identity and destiny hanging in the balance, she must navigate a tumultuous journey. Will she discover the truth she craves, or will the forces she's unleashed consume her?

The Satyr's Sin is the prequel to the Lords of Pandemonium series set in Ophelia Bell’s ever growing fantasy/paranormal world. The world features mythical creatures and gods alike, and the powerful heroines who capture their hearts. Each book has a happy-for-now ending, perfect for fans of C.M. Nascosta, Siggy Shade, Opal Reyne, and Katee Robert.

This story was originally available in the Monsters Before Men anthology in 2023/2024.

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