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Author Ophelia Bell

The Rebel Lust Ultimate Book Bundle

The Rebel Lust Ultimate Book Bundle

"These books are so hot! 🔥" -Chrissy K

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Info About the Books:

Casey's Secrets

I’m late for curfew once and my stepfather decides to spank me.

The kicker? I’m 18...  way too old for a spanking. Also, he’s hot when he’s angry, and he’s been angry a lot since Mom started screwing around on him.

His demand is so irritating I snap at him. “Fine, you old bastard! Have at it!” And I drop my pants and bend over his knees.

When the first smack hits hot against my behind, I’m not prepared for my reaction. It hurts. But it also feels good.

Way too good. 

So good, pretty soon I can’t hide how turned on I am. 

And when he finds out?

That’s when everything changes.

Blackmailing Benjamin

Kat was raised with Ben, who is one of the biggest jerks she’s ever known. She’s had to endure his ridicule for a decade, and to top it off, their parents seem to love him more. So when she catches him in a compromising position during a college frat party, she takes advantage of it, threatening to tell their parents his dirty little secrets in exchange for one tiny favor.

Ben gives in to Kat’s blackmail, but in the process, Kat finds herself in a situation she never expected she’d be in. She definitely didn’t expect to enjoy it so much. And she absolutely never expected to want more.

Burying His Desires

A 3AM call is never good news, and for college student Britannia Vale, it’s the worst. Her stepfather Michael is on the other end, relaying a tragedy that will tear her entire world apart. 

In the midst of grief, Britannia and Michael struggle to pick up the pieces, but the old pieces don’t quite fit together the way they used to. She's no longer the little girl Michael helped her mother raise. Michael is still her hero, but looks at her in a way that incites overwhelming desires for the only man who can keep her whole in the aftermath of her mother's death. What’s worse is that she might be the only person who can keep him whole, too. 

But her mother had secrets that Britannia is barely prepared to unearth, and when she does she discovers a second man who is just as broken by the loss. This secret lover knew a darker side of Brit's mother, and was left in the cold after her death. Britannia and Michael might be the only ones who can make him whole again.

How far will the trio go to put the pieces back together? 

Doubling Down

When my best friend Casey ghosted me, my life took a crazy turn. Now I have my own kinky guys, twins who've invented an epic sex toy. But when a sexy venture capitalist wants to invest and own it, we're all in for a wild ride of money and desire.

The Queen's Knights

Still reeling in the aftermath of sexual assault, Dr. Gwen Brennan struggles with feelings of powerlessness—until she joins the Whitewood Club’s masquerade night. There she reigns supreme, and it is only by her grace that anyone is allowed to touch her.

When a mysterious masked man steals her heart, she’s left with a choice: does she take a chance on forging a new relationship, or does she retreat into the arms of her stalwart bodyguard?

Can she have both?

Explore the series of five standalone kinky romances that include:

  • Bodyguard-to-Lover
  • Bondage & Discipline
  • Taboo Relationships
  • Older Man/Younger Woman & Vice Versa
I’ve had a crush on my stepdad for half my life. But he’s always been too old and too intimidatingly good looking. Besides, what would he think if he knew the kinds of dark cravings I have?

The summer after graduation I stay out past curfew one night without realizing it.

My stepdad is a stickler for the rules, so when I go inside he’s sitting on my bed, waiting. He demands I bend over and accept punishment for breaking curfew.

I obey as if I’m under a spell. It doesn’t take long for him to figure out one of my secrets.

When I try to rise after he’s finished, he stops me. "I need you to say it out loud, Case. Did my spanking you turn you on?”

Did having my hero discipline me in the best way possible turn me on? Damn right it did.


Explore the series of five standalone kinky romances that include:

  • Taboo Relationships
  • Older Man/Younger Woman & Vice Versa
  • Bodyguard-to-Lover
  • Bondage & Discipline 

Books included in this bundle:
Casey's Secrets
Blackmailing Benjamin
Burying His Desires

Doubling Down
The Queen's Knights


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Casey's Secrets Look Inside

Excerpt from Casey's Secrets:

"I’m not going to just let you figure this out on your own. There’s the right Dom out there for you. I’ll help you find one.”

Rick made a low noise in his throat, probably in response to the angry look I shot at Max. 

“I don’t want someone else. I want you. Or … or Rick. I trust both of you.”

“That part was obvious,” Rick said with a grin. “I can’t imagine you’d hang out half naked in a room with two men you didn’t trust.”

Max shot Rick a glare and was rewarded with a helpless shrug. He remained silent, deliberating. I hated this part because it usually meant I’d end up having to make some stupid compromise at the end. 

“All right,” Max said, standing again. He crossed his arms and gave me an almost stern look. If I hadn’t seen the corners of his mouth twitch, I might have taken the look seriously. As it was, he looked like he was about to start a game that he knew he would win, but Max had always been more about playing the game.

“Really?” I asked, smiling broadly.

“As long as I have help, if that’s all right with the two of you. I’d be more comfortable if Rick was involved. To keep me honest.” He dropped his arms and stepped toward me. “If we’re going to do this, baby, we’re doing it right, but I won’t lie to you. You mean the world to me. I got carried away last night and I can’t let that happen again.”

I gazed up at him, entranced by the intensity in his eyes. He raised a hand and brushed a knuckle lightly down my cheek. My eyelids fluttered closed in response to the sensation and I let out a slow exhalation when his thumb caressed my lower lip. 

Warm skin grazed against the front of my body as he shifted his hand to the back of my neck and pulled me close. His mouth descended to mine, his tongue warm and wet between my lips. I opened up to him with a small moan. God, how much I wanted this. More of what I’d only had a taste of so far. 

Rick’s throat cleared and his hand rested on the bare skin of my shoulders from behind. “Remember why we’re here, man,” Rick said. 

Max pulled away with a tiny sound of regret. “Yeah. We have work to do, don’t we Casey? You need to learn how to follow the rules, first of all. I think you forgot something when you got dressed this morning.”

His hands slid down my back, caressing gently over the round contour of my ass. One hand shoved the hem of my nighty up and abruptly he lifted the other hand and brought it down in a loud smack against my flesh. I jumped and squeaked in response, clutching at his sides with my fingernails. 

He held me against his chest with his other arm, and did it again. The broad, warm flesh of his palm met my ass with a sharp crack. I gasped, the bright burn of pain flooding through me, heating my core and spreading through my body like wildfire.

“That’s right, Baby. You misbehave, you get punished.”

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