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Author Ophelia Bell

The Ultimate Steamy Dragon Shifter Bundle

The Ultimate Steamy Dragon Shifter Bundle

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She's a bossy young chef and he's old enough to be her be father. 

So the last thing he needs is this spitfire of a she-bear invading his privacy in his own, half-built house. It's bad enough he has to work with her, since he's building her new kitchen.

And now here she is, in his house, in his shirt, digging for his age.

"I'm a lot older than you. Maybe not as old as your dad, but old enough," he says. 

"Old enough to be a cranky old bear? Old enough to hide from the world in a half-finished cabin? Old enough ..." she says.

"Old enough to value my peace and quiet," he grumbles, cutting her off.

"Sounds like a recipe for loneliness," she quips.

He was a retired arena champion, with matchmaker searching for his mate. The woman he’s supposed to be building this house for, which is why it’s sitting unfinished.

And then she bursts into his world, with her bossiness, and all that curvy beauty, calling him out? 

She's all wrong for him. They're not meant to be ... so why does she feel so right in his home?

This sexy shifter romance bundle features strong, feisty heroines and the competitive shifter athletes who fall for them. All but Book One are Why Choose stories. Included in the bundle:

  • Heart of the Bear Champion
  • Bond of the Dragon Champions
  • Destiny of the Dragon Champions
  • Triumph of the Dragon Champion
  • Flame of the Dragon Champion
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