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The Courting Dragons Mega Bundle

The Courting Dragons Mega Bundle

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An ancient temple. Seven explorers. And eight dragons to rule them all.

When Erika and her team of archaeologists break the seal on the temple they’ve been hunting, they unwittingly take the first step in a series of rituals designed to revive the long-sleeping denizens inside.

Now, with every breath they take, they inhale air steeped in dragon magic—and perfumed with otherworldly, irresistible desire. Erika wants nothing more than to prove she’s still in control.

But when she sets her sights on the figure she is meant to awaken—a red dragon bound in the form of a beautiful man frozen in jade—her resolve is truly put to the test. And that’s when the ambitious, pent-up expedition leader begins to think: 
Maybe losing control wouldn’t be so bad, after all …


The Dragons Have Risen

After five centuries of slumber, the dragons have only one thing on their minds. They want more than desire … more than lust. They want love … and connection. And the survival of the next generation.

Each story in this epic collection follows the journey of a dragon and their chosen mate (or mates) as they fight to uncover ancient secrets, find the lost piece of a powerful artifact, and hunt for a missing dragon princess, all the while getting closer to the Dragon Council who are the only ones capable of changing outdated immortal laws and ensure their race’s survival.

Can the dragons overcome centuries of being out of touch with the human race … or will they doom themselves to extinction?

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