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Author Ophelia Bell

Breath of Memory

Breath of Memory

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What Corey Monaghan wants most is to live an honorable life and find a woman worthy of his love. In spite of heartbreak he never believed he’d recover from, he has finally found that woman: Racha Aris, the Queen of Dragons.

But when his old love and the reason for his heartbreak walks back into his life and reignites his old passion, he is terrified that he’ll lose the life he’s made with the Queen and jeopardize their plans to start a family.

Jillian Valenti never intended to betray Corey that day long ago, but when a powerful red dragon decided he would take her as his mate, she didn't have the power to resist. With his dying breath, her mate granted her a second chance, but the only human man she ever loved is already mated to the Queen of Dragons, the very daughter of the mate she lost. Not to mention Jill is carrying a secret that could upend all their lives.

The Queen leaves the choice up to him. Will Corey forgive the betrayal and accept an alternative that might sabotage his every desire? Or will he learn that he still has room in his heart for the woman he lost?

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