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Author Ophelia Bell



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Fate and Desire make strange bedfellows…

Jasper Stonetree used to think he knew what he wanted, but meeting the beautiful pair of ursa who just saved his life changes everything. Autumn Sundance and Gunnar Windchaser have him twisted so tight he can’t think straight. He’s actually considering falling for them, which is completely out of his character—romantic entanglements only lead to pain, after all. He knows that better than anyone.

Except Autumn, whose pain is so palpable Jasper can almost taste it. She alone understands the danger in loving too fiercely, and she has paid the price—a devastating tax that has come back to haunt her.

To save her, Jasper must accept the truth of what he is. He is an ursa male, and one of two chosen to be the future mate of a high-ranking female.

And that female is in trouble.

On the chase to find the missing piece of his incomplete soul, Jasper is forced to make a choice. Leave behind his true family—his blood—or take a step there will be no retreat from to rescue the woman he loves, and forge a new family outside the ursa Sanctuary.

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