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Marked Man

Marked Man

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They say love is a battlefield…

My family’s ties to a certain set of crime lords are more tangled and volatile than the wires in an IED. They’ve called on me to disarm a situation ready to explode, but in spite of all my training, I’m not sure any of us are getting out of this unscathed.

That’s especially true when I find out the black-ops mission I’ve signed up for is commanded by none other than Sadie Watts, the girl who left me in the dust so many years ago I should be over it. But I’m not, and seeing her again, especially in such close quarters, is a distraction I can’t afford.

I know what I’m out here fighting for—my brothers; my sister; the USA—but as we close in on our target, I start to wonder if it’s not her I’m fighting for too.

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