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Fool's Errand

Fool's Errand

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Fate's Fools Book 4

Sometimes it’s not better to have loved and lost.

What I once had with Deva was extraordinary. I’d never experienced anything like it in all my years, never felt that kind of passion, desire, or love she offered when she was in my arms. As a virile satyr in his prime, I could have had as many nymphs in my bed as I could service. But the only woman I had eyes for was Deva.

But then I gave it all away, sacrificed the most precious thing I’d ever been offered over a stupid hang-up, and now I’ve had to sit back and watch as Deva chose not one, but three other mates who weren’t me.

I’d do anything to win her back. I just have to show her I’ve changed. I’ll even help her track down yet another man she’s sure is destined to be her mate. One who only lied to her and hurt her, yet she still wants him. Now that she finally knows the truth, I know I can work my way into her mind, her heart, and her body again. I know I can remind her what it feels like to be mine.

All she has to do is trust me.

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