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Congratulations on becoming a Beastie! As a member of this exclusive club, you are entitled to all sorts of free bonus content. Please download any of the twelve options below, however be aware that some are best read in a certain order as you work your way through Ophelia’s other books. If you’re curious about the complete reading order, click here.

Choose the content based on which series you have completed if you wish to avoid spoilers.


Contemporary Romance

When to read?
You’ve begun Fall of the Amador Cartel or Rebel Lust Taboo.

Paranormal Romance

When to read?
You've read Sleeping Dragons or you're new to Ophelia Bell.

You've read both Sleeping Dragons and Rising Dragons.

You began with The Stonetree Trilogy (Black Mountain Bears), or have already read these books and Sleeping/Rising Dragons.

You are new to Ophelia, or caught up with the above series and ready to begin Immortal Dragons.

You have completed Immortal Dragons and are you ready to begin Fate’s Fools.